APC power systems

06-20-2015, 12:21 PM
The APC power systems

check us out on http://apcsystems.weebly.com/ to learn more

email us at e.enterprisesllc1978@gmail.com for questions


bonus information -

* Charges to full in seconds (not hours)
* Outlasts all jumper packs on the market (those have batteries which have limited life span - this is not battery based)
* Powerful - can run 110v power tools
* Able to jump 100s of cars in a row
* Able to replace car battery if needed
* Works in extreme temperatures - hot/cold - where typical Jumper Packs could not work
* They are environmentally safe.
* Power Security Key
* Digital Display for Volts
* Does not wear out
* H 11" (to the handle) W 6 3/4" L 13" (to back of cable ends)
* CCA 1,200

dont believe it? check out the videos

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