EightyOne - ZoomOn Mugen Civic RR kit

05-11-2015, 08:25 PM
I am so close to my goal of 20 years of Civics in scale. We all know Fujimi has done the EK and the EP, and Hasegawa the EG. The Tamiya AH is the earliest Civic that I know is made in 1:24. Now that 81/Zoom-On are selling the FD2 the only gap is the EF, which will be out soon from Beemax/Aoshima. This would make for 20 years of Civic - AH ('84), EF ('88), EG ('92), EK ('96), EP ('01) and FD ('06).

It's a great time to be a Honda modeler, and it was all I could do to not buy the 81/Zoom-On FD2 Type R, and wait for the rumored Mugen RR kit. I checked their site almost daily until it was listed, and ordered it immediately. 81 has a little bit of a mixed reputation around here, so I am going to show exactly what came in my package.

I was a little sad that it came in just a shipping carton, and without a simple but attractive box like the Rocket Bunny v1 transkit did. I wanted a cool package to keep like the transkit's, but that's ok.


There are a lot of parts! Really shocked by the parts count for what I expected to be a simplified kit.


I don't know what happens between the time they take pictures for the website and when they cast the kits, but the body is nice a smoothly finished. There are few, if any, air bubbles and it does not seem shrunken. I will deepen a lot of panel lines, but they are straight and won't need much correction. There are very, very tiny holes for attaching the mirrors and the handles and things, which will probably have to be expanded before attaching those parts. It's probably better that way, honestly, I would rather them be undersized than oversized.

The body is well proportioned, and looks great. It's hard to make a good looking model - ask Fujimi - and they nailed it. This body is perfectly shaped and proportioned. It's going to look amazing.



A funny detail are the little rubber blocks that Honda uses to keep the license plate from rattling on the deck lid. I wouldn't expect them because woah! And also because these are put on during the Pre Delivery Inspection at the dealership - if the real RR has these I'd be pretty surprised! (Fuzzy picture).


They also went through the trouble of adding the little triangle cutouts on the front plate mount - which I may have to drill out. We'll see. (Fuzzy picture).


There are two deficiencies on the body - The side skirts are a little chunky and stick off a lot, almost like when you add the grade-up parts in Fujimi kits. On the 1:1, the skirts are a little more flush to the body panels.


The other is the cowl. It looks like they tried to add the vent detail to the plastic cowl, and it didn't stand up to casting very well. Nice effort, but I will probably just sand this smooth before paint. (Fuzzy picture).


The chassis is based on Fujimi's EP3 (or maybe the DC2 - I know they used the DC2 at the base for the body) which means it's decent. The detail on the floor pan is not extended for the distance that they lengthened the chassis which is a bummer, because it will be a detail that will have to be added later. There is also no detail on the lower splash shield, which will also need to be added.


The interior is mixed. The went through the trouble of adding detail for the headliner, and among the zillion tiny pieces are the "oh-sh!@" handles. I'll probably put these together but not worry too much about them. The interior "tub" has air bubbles, weirdly, but if I add flocking or sweet JDM Mugen RR floor mats (!!!) then that'll be ok.



The front seats are gems - I was going to swap them for some Bride seats originally but I will probably use the Mugen seats after seeing the ones that 81 included in the set. The engraving is probably deeper than it needs to be, but for an interior they will be great and the depth will help add dimension during painting. The dash is pretty accurate! I was really happy about that. It's a pretty complex piece they managed to mold. The upper guage cluster is very undersized, I feel, and that will be a little tough to modify. The engraving for the vents isn't perfect, but with some detail paint will be fine and they included engraving for the center console where it slides open and closed.




The rear seats are kind of a let down. The engraving is uneven on the seats but not inaccurate. I am sure they are reused from the regular FD2 kit, which brings me to a kind of weird issue - the package shelf. They molded the package shelf strangely, as though on the R (and subsequently the RR) Honda made a model specific, stripped out package shelf. I have not seen (and cannot find pictures of) the 1:1 package shelf, but from my Honda experience, it would just be a stock part. The parts on 1:1 sedans I have seen are mostly smooth with spots for the third brake light and speakers. The up-market models have a woofer in the center, which I doubt the R has, so I am not really sure what they were looking at for this part.



The door cards are nice, though there is a texture on the armrests where it should be smooth Alcantara, and they will need to be sanded smooth. While I am sanding, I will also sand smooth the bizarre speaker grills, and pilfer a speaker grill decal from somewhere for that.


There are a brazillian little pieces that I won't liberate from their bags until I am ready to use them. Some thoughts though:

The subframe stuff is pretty accurate. The front LCAs will need some love, but the rest of the McPhereson struts will too since they seem based largely on the Fujimi EP3 kit, like the chassis. I will probably rebuild the exhaust as well, as I'm not super happy with the piping, and though the tips are nice they aren't really my style. There are a lot of small pieces that are well molded, including the interior handles and sun visors. The steering wheel is nice, too, despite the worry over the final product I had from looking at pictures on their website when ordering. The trademark RR spoiler is also excellent, and all the light buckets are separate which fills me with joy; they will be so easy to paint! The clear parts look well molded and I am hoping so hard that they fit properly. They also included the sought-after Mugen vent visors, which are a nice touch though not my style either. Overall, the small parts bags seem like they will be excellent, and I hope they fit as well as they look.

The wheels are marvelous! I ordered a set of Volk RE30s from eBay the second I ordered the RR kit from 81 because I am not super thrilled with the wheels Mugen uses on the RR (They haven't made a truly beautiful wheel since the MF10). The job 81 and Zoom-On did on these wheels is excellent though, including engraving on one spoke for the RR logo. It will be a shame if these end up just another set of 1:24 Mugen wheels in my collection but not on a car.


Finally, there is a nice set of photo-etch, including some metal transfers and metal transfer mesh for, I assume, grills. It includes metal transfers for mirror and emblems, which is very nice, and photo etch for brake rotors which has become a must for when I build anything. They also include PE belt buckles to go with the resin belt buckle receivers. They also weirdly duplicate a lot of parts between the PE fret and the metal transfers. The kit also includes printed masks for windows and the taillights, which is also a nice inclusion. The decals are good, and seem to be printed on an ALPS printer. They also nicely included a second lower and upper gauge cluster since the first run was a little dark.


Overall - B-

This car is a MUST for my collection, which made the $155 price tag steep but acceptable for me (I think about some of y'all and those lame Ferraris only available in resin ;) ). It might be a harder pill to swallow for anyone but the most die-hard Honda head. I am thrilled that this car is finally available in scale, even if it's a resin kit with some great and some dubious details. I really don't feel like this kit will take that much more correction than most injection molded kits out there.

I am beside myself with excitement to have this kit, and everything else is on hold until this is built. It has it's issues, sure, but the body is dead on and the dash and seats are perfect, so all the truly hard parts are addressed and anything else can be corrected. I am so happy to have this kit.

Thanks for looking y'all, and thanks for putting this kit out Eightyone/Zoom-On!!

05-12-2015, 09:36 AM
Thanks Will for the great review! It's pretty cool too, that people can almost build every gen civic kit out there.

05-12-2015, 11:33 AM
price sure looks to be worth it, based on what you got.

05-12-2015, 08:23 PM
I thought the price tag was a tad steep, but didnt realize you didnt need a donor kit.
cant wait to see you work on this, hope your planning on doing a WIP!

05-17-2015, 09:11 PM
Nice review, but where are the rest of golf/gti generations? Damn you Honda guys.

05-19-2015, 03:54 PM
This is a nice review Will. I more than likely won't buy it but it's good to know the possibilities that are available.

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