need bumper for 99 GMC Jimmy

04-15-2015, 08:35 PM
My daughter's 99 GMC Jimmy was involved in a rear end pop a week ago. The bumper was mangled, the light sockets are torn out and the clips holding the rubber pad on top are gone so she is using bungy cords to hold it down. I wanted to attach a pic for your review, but every format I tried (jpeg, jpg, gif) failed to upload.

The driver at fault's insurance company settled, but they totaled the car and gave her a settlement minus the salvage costs they would have received if we gave them the car. My daughter asked if I could do some repair myself so I'm asking the forum members where I could locate another bumper. I inquired at my local PIY but no luck. Is eBay a reasonable place to look?

The insurance estimate for the rear bumper repair totals $685 and includes the bumper, 4 retainers, 2 brackets, 1 brace and 2 pads. Fortunately, the estimate includes the GM part#. Are all these parts necessary, or could we just replace the bumper and attach the pad with some other fasteners? It looks like the bumper is bolted onto the frame with two bolts each side.

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