Delay in Radio & Dash Lights after Car Starts

04-14-2015, 12:49 AM
I have a 2004 Grand Am (6 cylinder 3.4L). There are 177K miles. Last week, after I started my car (with no problem), the radio and dash gauges took about 3-5 seconds before coming on. Hadn't happened again since then until yesterday.

First it took 3 seconds, the next time 5 and progressively longer. The last time I started my car it took about 20-30 seconds until everything came on. I was already driving at that point. Interestingly, if I put the key in the ignition and turn it half way - the radio and dash lights pop on right away with no delay (every time). It's just after I turn the car on that the delay happens.

I'm going to get my alternator and battery tested tomorrow at an Auto Parts store. I can't remember how old my battery is (I have it documented somewhere but haven't had the chance to investigate). The only interior electrical thing I can think of is my dome light doesn't turn on when the car doors open. I have gotten it to work occasionally by just jiggling the switch, but can't get it to come on automatically.

Any ideas? And from what I've read, changing the alternator is pretty straight forward on this car (if that is the problem)?

04-14-2015, 09:03 AM
sounds more like a grounding issue..

Tech II
04-14-2015, 10:09 PM
Dimmer circuit/control, or automatic lighting problem?

06-09-2017, 09:42 AM
This post is directed to markm12's issue.

I also own a 2003 Grand AM just over 171,00 Km and have started having the same delay issue with the dash and radio. Was there any danger in operating the vehicle with this issue and what was your resolution?

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