'98 Oldsmobile Intrigue Multiple Issues.

04-11-2015, 10:17 PM
I recently bought an '98 Oldsmobile Intrigue, I do not know much of anything more than how to check fluids and were to put them when low, So here's the issues that I have come across.

roughish idle. when stopped and in drive it has a rough idle but not bad yet.
Driver Side windows do not go up or down. The driver window is stuck with a 1/4 inch gap I keep weather proof tape over it. the back window slides up and down but not with the button also held up by tape. I can hear the motor running when I press the button but no luck.
A/C motor works but no air blows out of the vents.
Driver side back up lights don't work and Driver side front blinker or parking light does not work.
Security light recently come on and can't get it to go off whenever the car is started and it is a steady light no flash or blink.

I already know there is a small leak in the radiator and even with the issues it has I love the lil car and want to fix it up to proper working order. So any suggestions that can help on what I can possibly do?

Tech II
04-12-2015, 08:35 PM
You would have to have electrical, mechanical, and driveability knowledge, to handle these various problems.......

Off the top of my head, if the front window does not move, and the motor makes no sound, then there are numerous possibilities.....motor, open wire, bad switch, etc.

Since you can move the rear window up and down and hear the motor, it sounds like your window regulator needs replacement....

If you can't change the air flow, you could have a mode valve problem, and depending on the system, could be a vac leak, or electrical problem....

The bulb problems could be a bulb, socket, or wiring problem.....

Security light on? Then more than likely you have a SECURITY problem....need to know if you have PassLock or PassKey II or III security systems.....

Good start would be to have the vehicle scanned for all codes......Powertrain(P), Body((B), Chassis(C), and Communication codes(U).....

Rough idle could be something as simple as Secondary ignition, fuel pressure, vac leak, etc.

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