87 Jeep Wrangler

03-26-2015, 09:22 PM
Hello, I'm knew to the chat room. I'm looking to get some knowledge about my 87 jeep wrangler straight 6, automatic transmission. I am currently (slowly) restoring the jeep to a good functional weekend ride. A little back ground the jeep set for 2 years with no attention. When i started the restoration I drained the gas, fluids ect and put clean fluids in. As well as other common maintenance before i started the jeep over. Luckily the jeep fired right up however it would not stay running at ideal. (I'm getting to the question lol) I rebuilt the carb, i have not installed it yet due to not knowing how to properly adjust the carb. This is were y'all come in!? Also i notice when i was removing the carb on the bottom of the choke housing it had a plug that had no wires going to it? could this be a issue? And where is the wire? Keep in mind this jeep was running perfect before it got parked for 2 years with no disturbance from anyone. So as far as i know the jeep was running fine without it. If anyone with knowledge in this field i would greatly appreciate it. I can also post pictures if necessary... Thanks!

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