2006 3.9 instrument cluster lights not working?

03-20-2015, 03:23 PM
Has anybody run into their 2006 3.9's having instrument cluster lighting issues. We got a used cluster from the wreckers (2 actually) and neither of them have the lights working, so now trying to figure out why the cluster is not getting power to its lights. The only light on the panel working is the light behind the "Km/h ". The odometer display also works fine. Gauges themselves work fine, just no back lighting.

This car has been a nightmare lately, the horn had no power across its fuse, ended up having to wire up a makeshift button to get it to work. The trunk button had to have another push button wired direct as well a few days before that. These I know are cheater work arounds, but really have no idea where to even start to properly diagnose the electrical issues with this. I have a Load Pro set of test leads and also the Power Probe 3 and Power Probe Open circuit finder/tester, but so far they haven't been all that helpful other than to verify the horn and trunk actually do work properly.

Tech II
03-20-2015, 09:57 PM
Basically, you turn your dimmer switch from low to high.......the radio, HVAC, center console, and dash should act accordingly.....if all go from dim to bright, except the dash, and if you have the same result with replacement dash's, then you have to check the power and ground illumination circuits in the harness to the dash.....

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