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1996 Grand AM Radiator removal - Install

03-19-2015, 02:34 PM
Radiator Removal
(only small differences between the v6 and 4 cylinder models)

- Disconnect the negative battery cable
- Drain and recycle the engine coolant
- If necessary for access to the radiator, remove the air intake duct assembly.
- On automatics, disconnect and plug the upper oil cooler line.
- Disconnect the engine strut brace at the radiator, loosen the engine side bolt and swing aside, if equipped.
- Mark and remove the hood latch from the radiator support, so it goes back in the way it came out.
- Detach the upper hose and coolant reserve tank hose from the radiator.
- Disconnect the light harness and fan wiring. Remove the electric cooling fan(s). On some models this may not be able to be removed unless the front end of the vehicle is raised and supported.
- Raise and safely support the vehicle on jack stands.
- Remove the engine cooling fan(s) if not yet done.
- If equipped, remove the splash panel below the radiator outlet hose. Detach the lower hose from the radiator.
- If equipped, disconnect and plug the lower oil cooler line.
- Carefully lower the vehicle.
- If equipped with air conditioning, remove the radiator to condenser bolts. - - Unbolt the refrigerant line clamp. Do Not disconnect the lines.
-Remove the mounting bolts and clamp, then the shroud (if equipped) and carefully lift the radiator out of the engine compartment. It works best if you start on the drivers side and work it out slowly trying not to damage anything.

radiator mounting bolts

removing bracket

working radiator out from drivers side

Radiator Install

- Lower the radiator into position.
- Install the mounting clamps and bolts, including those associated with air conditioning parts.
- Raise and safely support the vehicle.
- If equipped, attach the automatic trans cooler lines.
- Connect the lower hose(s) and attach the splash shield if equipped.

-If the engine cooling fan was removed while the vehicle was in the air, install the assembly and attach all electrical wiring.

- Carefully lower the vehicle.
- If not already done, install the electric cooling fan, then attach the electrical connector(s).
- Connect the upper hose and coolant reserve tank hose.
- Install the hood latch and strut brace.
- Fill the system with coolant.
- Connect the negative battery cable, then start the engine. Run the vehicle until the thermostat opens, fill the radiator and recovery tank to their correct levels, then check the automatic trans fluid level.(since you removed the lines)
- Turn the engine OFF , then once the vehicle has cooled, recheck the coolant level.

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