Project Car - BTTF Delorean vs Sleek Sports car

01-24-2015, 07:57 AM
I want to do a project car and I have two plans in mind. I can only do either one.

The aim is to build something that will not look dated or out of place parked next to other classy marques. I want to build something that will have universal appeal with everyone, young and old, etc.; especially the ladies. :wink: :wink:

Option 1: pg?oh=c4738041bb6397bdda9cee41a322a6be&oe=5568ACA1

Take a 5th gen Mercedes SL. Preferrably a V6 model that needs an engine.
Put in a Viper V10 or an alternate power plant.
Mould the body to what you see in the pic above paint it gunmetal grey.
Some more mods as well as I think of it.

The reason for a Mercedes SL is to get that well engineered hard-top convertible roof. Plus the SL stands as the perfect size for a convertible 2 seater GT car.

Option 2: pg?oh=6108ba4f2b0200130bad05e618f5d21a&oe=552C0425 pg?oh=b9654fea0f70fbbb26cd8a9b4d55a43f&oe=55681951&__gda__=1428226100_335743b7acd4a180aca45c8c4396777 b
Find a Delorean that needs an engine. Put in a power plant from a Chevy Volt or a V8 or some other engine; keeping room to add two turbines on top.
Customize the exterior to include two proper jet exhaust vents part of the body like the BTTF car.
Put in the LED bumper and top strips from the BTTF car.
(No exposed wiring like the original BTTF car; its got to look like a factory fit.)
Customise the interior to include a large touchscreen display like the Tesla and Volt. Make it modern and classy. Not plutonium gauges and time circuits and stuff. May flux capacitor if I feel like it. I don't want the interior to be cramped. It has to be airy.
Wire up the LED strips so that they will light up whenever the car goes over 100kph. like the pic below. 37b895604df9a9ea27e987544f&oe=552BE7AB&__gda__=1432152476_fcec35dbb1201c54d909f8eebead774 c

The Delorean is my own take on the back to the future car; with a little more class. The only thing is that the vents will serve real function for the turbine exhaust.

As far as the two projects go, these are my dream cars. I would be happy with either of them. Reasoning, the BTTF car has been done and is being done. The Mercedes idea will probably be the only one of its kind.. ever. Considering the criteria, Option 1 would be better, but its hard to say No to car with jet thrusters in the back.. :P

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