Best way to buy or sell a used car

01-23-2015, 03:06 PM
Hello everyone, I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently found the best way to buy or sell a used car. Using a company called Instamotor I was able to find decently priced options and eventually find the Charger for me. Instamotor is free to use and their process alleviates so much of the stress involved with buying or selling a used car. I was able to connect with legit sellers avoiding the usual Craigslist scams and insane dealer ship up charge. They put all their cars through a multi-point mechanical inspection, gave me a free Carfax, and handled the DMV transfer paperwork. They even found me a cheaper insurance premium and a financing plan that worked with my budget. I had a great experience with them and was very impressed with the service I received. Check out their website here . You'd be crazy not to check them out for your next used car purchase:screwy:

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