new clutch -> now manual SHIFTER knob off-center

01-08-2015, 03:33 PM
just brought my 2006 s4 into the actual Audi dealership (wont mention exactly which one until we see if they fix the problem) and now the shifter knob is 1-2 inches to the right.

i called the serviceman (also will with-hold his name unless not fixed) assigned to my car and he seemed to just be talking about linkages and said he test drove it and did not notice. He otherwise seemed to not want to help whatsoever.

now there is little to no way one could not notice this, maybe he wasn't used to driving manual, but anyone that does would notice instantly

does anyone know hoe this can ever happen and if there is an easy fix?

also what should i tell the dealership

bring it back in soon and have a bad feeling.

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