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11-17-2014, 06:01 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Based on a frame /chassis /developed by you and drawings containing the following data:
length, width and height, wheel base, front and rear wheel mark, as well as location of the main components, peripheral elements and suspension, I can develop for your company a COUPE WITH A NEW, ORIGINAL DESIGN as well as A CAR INTERIOR SOLUION!
The main stages are as follows:
1. Design 2D and 3D drawings
2. Moulds and modeling in scale М1:4 and М1:1
3. Manufacture of MATRIXES and one COPY of the car in real dimensions and made of composite.

Duration: 180 210 days.
Cost price depending on the scope of the order!

Payment: in installments:
For the first stage 35 %
For the second stage 30%
For the third stage 30%

CONTRACTING: As per your domestic legislation, plus legal certification of the documents in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as a possibility for monitoring of the development and execution of the contract by representatives of the COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT of your Embassy to Bulgaria.
Looking forward to your feedback!

Best wishes for success,
Valeri Stanchev
/project designer /

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PS: May I address you with the following request: If you know colleagues belonging to the KIT CAR and EXOTIC CAR segment, who might need NEW COUPE DESIGN /exterior and interior design /, designs for OPTIC TUNING AND FACE LIFT, could you please forward my presentation materials to them!
Thank you very much in advance!

Valeri Stanchev
/project designer/

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