MAJOR trans clutch issue HELP (82' xv920)...I almost died

09-09-2014, 11:26 AM
Things you should know:

!982 yamaha XV920 (not tr1- shaft drive american model)
MODS: ebc drilled rotors, ebc sintered pads, dot 5 conversion, ebc shoes, 6-81 seca rear diff/brake/wheel swap (120/80r18), kjs single carb (i had to custom tune this because the exhaust), 2-1 mac exhaust, delkevic carbon fiber silencer (for low deep sound that c.f. produces), headlight swapped out for 7" with integrated signals, rear brake light swapped out for integrated brake/running/signals/license plate, "back-off" brake flasher, kenda k761 tires front and rear (i live in a sand on pavement area, these tires are awesome for that), motul 80 weight rear diff oil change, and 10w40 full synthetic (compatible with wet clutches) ams oil- oil change.

PLEASE NOTE: during this entire time the clutch lever seamed heavy to pull back, like a racing clutch in a car. This is a wet clutch with a cable, NOT a hydrolic clutch.

1. I road the bike no higher than 50 mph but for at least 30 min each day on 9-5-14 to 9-7-14 I had no problems (aside that I was tuning the carb on 9-5-14- its all good now- and still is great)

2. On 9-8 at 3:50pm, I started to notice that when I revved the engine, in gear, not holding the clutch, it almost revved freely. It was as if I was getting less, and less power as I went.

3. On 9-8 at 4pm my brakes locked up at 45-50 mph. (I am ok so is the bike- i did not crash I saved it all)

4. I could not push the bike so I feathered the clutch for about 3 blocks where it was no longer giving me power to the gear. The engine was revving fully freely. When I tried to pop it into neutral and then back down into the gear (both holding the clutch, and without) it would not go into gear and engage. The engine revved out to 11k so I stopped.

5. At about 4:15 pm I removed the front calipers so I could push the bike into a parking lot. Zero resistance in neutral- so it rolls.

6. At 3:30am on 9-9-14 I got the bike home after a tow. The bike must of been in gear as there was a lot of resistance pushing it. I was tired, I didn't think about pulling the clutch or trying to put it back into neutral. The bike still moved but with a ton of resistance.

7. At 10:30am I went out to the garage. I tried (without grabbing the clutch lever) to shift the gears by stepping on the selector. They seamed to change gears now. The bike started great and revs really well, it sounds like its making a lot of power. I put it into first gear to pull it out of the garage. The bike moved but had almost no power, it was as if it just barely rolled from me pushing it (slowly) standing to the side of the bike. The power to the rear wheel stopped and the resistance came back to try to push it, I put it into neutral, easy to push again. I then said ok, it changed gears maybe it will go back into gear, nope. When trying to change gears (with or without holding the clutch) the light on the dash blinks a little bit and then goes back to a solid color stating that the bike is in neutral.

1. I think I know whats up with the front brakes I am not too worried about that regardless of the incident.

2. I am stuck here, this has never happened to me on any car/motorcycle/dirt bike/etc What steps do you recommend I start with to figure out what the problem is?/Any ideas about what the problem is?

3. I don't have a shop manual for this bike yet, I keep forgetting about it. Is there a specific shop manual you fellas recommend that has all the tq ratings and good diagrams etc?

4. If I need to replace the clutch, I would want to do the whole thing. Anyone know of a kit with the springs and clutch plates etc all the little things?

This bike is sort of throwing me through a loop. I don't know if you have been following me on this bike but there have been a lot of little things that were, "this has never happen to me before, what the heck would even cause that...".
Thanks in advance fellas, and drive safe!

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