2010 Toyota Corolla Torque Converter Solenoid issues, Please help

09-07-2014, 05:23 PM
I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla LE with 117,214 Miles on it.

A year and a half a go my Torque Converter had a catastrophic malfunction and spewed it's innards into the gear box and this led to me having the transmission rebuilt completely. The guy who I brought it to took about 6 weeks to diagnose it, get the right parts and finally rebuild the thing. He almost never answered the phone and would never call me, I always had to call him. I was understanding about the parts because I figured it was not really his fault as he said he ordered the right parts but they sent him the wrong ones. Whatever, might have been BS or might have been legitimate. At the time it wasn't a huge deal as I didn't need the car for that time.

Flash forward a few months ago and we get this error code
"P2757 Solenoid press ctrl sol ctrl ckt perf / stuck off"

I look it up and it's really hard to find out what exactly it is. The car seemed to be shifting fine and no issues I could feel.

I bring the car in to the same guy. I figure he might have a better idea since he was the last one to work on it and maybe he'll cut me a break even though the parts are already out of warranty.

Turns out this guys is just a flake all around. It takes him a full week before he decides he needs to look at the Solenoid out and test it. So after testing the part he informs me that it isn't working. I then tell him to just replace it and again I discover that he's received the wrong parts and less than quick to respond to my phone calls. The right part is going to cost another 100 dollars. In the end he finds the right part, replaces it and 3 weeks after dropping it off I can pick up my car. It costs 750 dollars all together. That's after He took 10% off for the trouble delay, so I wasn't as pissed about it, but still pissed because it was 50 dollars more than the original quote and took 3 times as long.

The next day I go to pick the car up and we drive 4 miles down the road and once we go above about 40-45 the light comes back on just like before. Engine light on and the Traction control light blinking

I drive the car straight to auto-zone and read the code. Sure enough it's the same code as before "p2757 TCC Solenoid press ctrl sol ctrl ckt perf / stuck off"

So I guess I have a couple questions here.

1) Should I bother bringing my car back to the same mechanic? I really don't want to have the car in the shop for another 3 weeks or more when another shop might get it done faster and do it right. At the same time I don't know if I can get a refund from him because work was actually done and a part was replaced. Am I entitled to ask for my money back or a portion of my money back?

2) What could be causing this problem? If the Solenoid was replaced is there something else that could be causing this code?

Brian R.
09-08-2014, 08:01 PM
That guy doesn't even know when to drop a supplier. Get it diagnosed at a real transmission shop with a good recommendation. There are always other sources of a problem with a solenoid.

Here is a link to the troubleshooting section of the FSM:


You may have to log in to download the file.

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