smell antifreeze is leaking & little smoke on right side

09-04-2014, 06:19 AM
I have a 2000 Plymouth Breeze which recently started to lose antifreeze from the radiator.

Couple days ago the temperature gauge began to reach hot. I shut off car for 15 minutes for car to cool down. I drove car back home with no issue. I turned the heat on to keep it cool under the hood.

When I got home my dad popped the hood & saw the radiator was low in coolant. He added the coolant then added stop leak.

Yesterday morning the fluid was down again. My dad put more coolant in radiator with more stop leak.

Yesterday afternoon the leak turned into a puddle under the car. I drove car home later that evening & it began to smoke a little on right side.

I'm getting car towed in this morning to see what is going on.

Any ideas as to what problem is?

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