Gas pedal pushed, but no acceleration

08-25-2014, 09:42 PM
I have a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE with 145,000 miles. The transmission was rebuilt about 15k miles ago.

When I push the gas pedal, nothing happens. The engine does not rev up park, reverse, neutral, or drive. It just stays idling. When I put it in reverse or drive, it will go into gear, but it will not accelerate when I push the gas. This happened in a parking lot. I drove 50 crept (very slowly) and parked. I turn the Pathfinder off and turned it back on, but it did the same thing. No acceleration at all. I went another 50 yards and parked. I restarted it again. This time, everything was normal. It accelerated like nothing was wrong.

Any ideas of what could be going wrong?:confused::confused:

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