AC clutch won't engage

08-19-2014, 06:18 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first post and it's a big one.

So the AC in my 03 Accord EX V6 hasn't been working for some time. Clutch would engage but no cold air. So I just guessed that the compressor gave out and thought to replace the compressor and condensor/drier.

So I got it evacuated and flushed out the piping and evap and replaced the TXV, compressor, and condensor. I put everything back together with the proper amount of PAG oil and put it under a vacuum for about an hour, then I let it sit overnight. Next morning, I check the manifold gauges and it hasn't budged at all from 30" so I conclude that it's time to put in the refrigerant.

I hook up a 12 oz can of pure r134a (no stop leak or dye) and start up the car and ac. I try to empty the can into the system but it refuses to take anymore and the low side reads about 100 psi at about 82 degrees outside with nothing in the high side.

So I put the can in hot water to try and force the ac to kick in but no luck. The pressure goes all the way up to 130 psi but no engagement. I know the car needs at least 17.4 oz of refrigerant so I hook up the 2nd can and still no kick on.

EDIT: Also another thing I noticed, when I jump the AC clutch while the engine is running, there is no change in engine note. e.g. It doesn't sound like the compressor is giving the engine any resistance.

So my last attempt was to jump the AC relay to try and get the compressor to pull in refrigerant. I jump it for about 2 seconds but the gauges do not budge at all. I can hear the clicking of the clutch engaging though.

Was there something I missed or should I just try to engage the clutch long enough to get the gauges to bump? Thanks for any advice.

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