nissan 350Z vs honda S2000

08-10-2014, 07:06 PM
Hi guys, I'm new here so, thanks for the add!!!

I have some questions about the nissan 350z and the honda S2000, I'm have a part time job and I;m studing too, so I need a good car, fun to drive... as you know Im limited, when money is the issue, part time job dont let me to waste money... but knowing that which one of those cars you thinks is better for me? reliability, gas, parts, easy to work on it.. and stuff like that!! I have moths asking questions but people just answer stupid things.. please is anyu of you wants to help me, do it, I want to spend 8k no more so wich car should i buy and why? thanks for thje help!!

09-02-2014, 08:33 PM
You aren't going to get an S2000 for $8k unless it has a blown engine and/or a salvage title.

There might be a few high mileage 350z's for $8k, but they're likely to be quite beat up.

09-25-2014, 12:06 AM
Depends on the year. 05 was a bad year for the 350z according to consumer reports. Honda doesn't have bad years.

Honda is the better quality car.

11-20-2014, 10:05 PM
350z is a faster car though

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