Toyota Celica v. Hyundai Tiburon

08-07-2014, 07:04 AM
hello everyone, new member here. it's a great site, and i'm glad to be a part of it!

until lately, i can't say that i knew a whole lot about cars. outside of driving and some light maintenance, it just wasn't my thing. ever since my '95 celica was totaled (a hit-and-run... i was not in the car, thankfully), i've been reading and reading and learning and i've come to two options regarding a possible replacement:

toyota celica: 2000 - 2005, gt, 4A


hyundai tiburon: 2004 - 2006, gs, 4A

i've reviewed a lot of forums, read a lot of user reviews, and it's tough to tell what is or is not a legitimate concern or just lousy ownership. the idea of "common knowledge" is not to be trusted, either, because people are too often beholden to tradition.

for my purposes, i don't want to toss in a new engine, put on a body kit, slap on rims with an extra inch on the diameter, make any other unnecessary modifications, or use it for racing. truth be told, i just want a sexy lookin' ride that'll get me around town using as little gas as possible (hence the four-cyl), maybe even drive a few hundred miles on a road trip.

the term "throwaway car" is often applied to the hyundai, but i see so many of them on the road...

any insight anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. i'm in no rush to make this choice, and want as much information as i can garner.

on a humorous note, i've already chosen a name for the vehicle-to-be :)

thanks all of you!

EDIT: i ran a comparison search, and many of the threads were pretty old. now that it's 2014, i'd like to see what a few years worth of information can reveal.

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