MTG2500 power requirements

07-29-2014, 12:16 AM
I just got this MTG2500 scanner for my two older cars, 95 GMC C3500 5.7 and 87 Toyota Cressida and am anxious to try but on the GMC when I complete the VehID and "OK to Release the Button" the unit shuts off. I understand there are two power systems, the power cable for the input jack on the brick, which only charges the internal battery and the internal battery is used only for VehID. Am I correct in thinking for the scanner to be useful it must pull power from the DLC? If this is correct then the OBD 1 DLC on the GMC is not supplying power or power on the correct pin.

I've tried hooking up the scanner to the car battery and alternately the cigar lighter to the scanner power input jack, on no go. After connecting the DLC I tried to power it with key on eng off. But every time I release the "Button" it dies. I read another guys post that he got his working with a similar problem but was unspecific which "cables" he connected to make it work. And that was years ago.

I would like to try a Power Pac thinking that battery directs power through the DLC as if the car was supplying it. That is something I would have to purchase.

I did see this scanner work on a OBD2 vehicle, but I don't have one of those to test on further.

Any suggestions or am I just a day late for this topic?

07-29-2014, 07:10 PM
OK never mind. I just happened to notice the GM-1 serial interface has a power input on it. So instead of connecting the battery to the brick, I plugged it into the interface cable connector. Voila! Everything works great for this truck. I would recommend this scanner to anyone driving an OBD1 vehicle. Professional interface and now the MT/MTG 2500 are exceptionally affordable. Hope this brief discussion will help someone else.

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