Guys! I really need a Fujimi NSX-R Spoiler! 1/24

07-24-2014, 06:36 PM
I know this could be a long shot but I thought I would ask. I'm currently building a tamiya NSX. Thead here :

I am making it in the image of this car.

If you'll notice the black spoiler is not stock, but is in the style of the NSX-R(the face lifted version). The fujimi NSX-R is the only kit with this spoiler that I know of and if I could just get my hands on one it would certainly be easier to adapt it to the Tamiya kit than making my own.

My scratch building skills are not up to par but I will give it a shot if no one has a spoiler available. So I'd just like to ask if anyone has a botched fujimi nsx type-r kit they are willing to sell parts of? I would be in your debt!

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