Car Washing?

07-16-2014, 04:48 PM
I Just thought i would ask this as i have been an avid car show junkie for for the past 10+ years but recently i sold my car and had to buy a mini-van (NOT my proudest moment) but i went to wash the van and noticed that i had run out of car washing soap and was wondering if anyone could give my some insight on something as the internet says different/varying things. answers says you can wash your car with a 1/4 cup of dishsoap mixed in water to wash your vehicle :confused::banghead::banghead:

Wikipedia says dish soap will strip the waxes and protective barriers off the car

As my van is just sitting in the driveway collecting dust while i am job hunting and it's not insured, I was going to wash it but only found Sunlight Dish Soap lemon scent. I know i don't need a 1/4 cup of soap but maybe a couple teaspoons just to get the water foamy/sudsy. Will this amount harm my paint or will i have to wax it right after i wash it the temps here are reaching 30c :smokin: and it is in direct sunlight all day and i know that i can't wax in the sun see beginning of post but t really needs a bath from dust and pollen build up

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