Builder Fallen HELP!!!

07-11-2014, 04:12 PM
Ok first I've built many project here from time to time. An with in these last year's I have yet to build any thing. I must say that coming out of a "deep depression" after have to sale a number of my prized possession (hard to find model kits and old collector kits). I found my self letting my self get hood in to online gaming (Addiction):loser: through my PS3 and laptop.

Now I'm starting to want to build again and I start and then stop (an start running Gran Turismo 6, Borderlands 1-2 ect) or (Tanki online)., I have many overdo project that I would love to get finished. Just how should one go about get back on the proverbial horse that I have fallen from?:sly:

I have come here to hit my head :banghead: on the scale automotive wall to get some inspiration!

Any one bean there???:eek7:

07-11-2014, 05:53 PM
Lol... Welcome back.. I to recently returned to the hobbie... Looks like you lost interest.. I was like that to because my interest was else were... Once i gave up that other interest i was so so... What got me going again is looking for/at a particular like in our hobbie like scale, car, theme, etc... If you need help google searches and or images that will take you to a particular site... I also started my own page on face to find friends to share my interest... This way you can keep going when your loosing again....

07-11-2014, 06:37 PM
Been there am there, poop happens man.

I have built and built and built and always something gos wrong.then its into the trash it gos and cos I start a thread I end up having to put an abrupt end to it.i just dont seem to have realy built anything since I moved from scifi to automotive.

why cant I be happy? I have said it before and already had an answer, dont set your goals to high and go with skill progression.

I am moving now from automotive cars more to f1 and multimedia.

I am finding that if I build a sports car I have to sit and contemplate all the tiny detail painting I have to do to the interior.

I could never realy be happy with my airbrushing amd clear coating.every fujimi kit I did I ruined, I seemed to have just melted the car with paint, I ended up throwing out like 3 kits and all the money I spent on paints.

now I seem to be better with the airbrush and cringe at fujimi kits, also I have moved onto 2k clear and seem to be happier in the paint dept.

now I have 3 mfh builds going and I am slowly building them and getting nearer the end, it will come one day but I find sitting and doing a little here and there more enjoyable rather than sitting and thinking I HAVE to build it and not realy being enthusiastic about it.

so realy I found I have not realy found my feet but I will get there (hopefully)

Now I realise hoarding kits is not good cos you end up moving to oyher dub genres then end up selling cos you got big pile ir need monies, then you lose money.

I was gonna say just build one at a time then you only have to think about one project but who am I to say when I have 3 currently on the go.

one day I will build one I am realy realy proud of and to display amd show off, maybe you will to?

I hope you find something usefull for yourself in my rant.

you not alone!

07-11-2014, 07:27 PM
Maybe attend the local contest, and make it routine every year?

I have at least five opportunities within my driving distance: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Spring, and I try my best not to miss Houston's Modelmania in April and Austin's annual contest in October.

What usually happens is, I start with a big plan a year before, but usually don't finish it in time, and end up completing a backup casual build like box-stock or curbside.:smile: Even so, I'll have something to bring with me each year.

And when you see lots of finely-built models "in person," they can be a great inspiration regardless of the genre.

I've never been to any of the Louisiana contests, but someone else might want share some thoughts on these contests in Louisiana.

07-12-2014, 02:46 PM

Welcome back.
I would say: '' One thing at a time '' pick one model you haven't finished yet and put the other ones away.
Take your time, it's NOT A RACE.

Try it, I know you can do this.
Good luck


07-14-2014, 08:24 PM
Welcome back! I would suggest tying your passions together.
Why not build one of your fav cars from Gran Turismo... Do some research tho, not all of the 900 cars are available in kit form (most of the 75 versions of MX5 are...)
Keep it simple, dont add too many mods, change the wheels if you want & paint it anything you want, then try & find it all in hobby form. You'll get pretty damn close i reckon. & your next one could be slightly more involved...
Keep us posted!

07-14-2014, 08:39 PM
Thanks: ralphlovs69chev, bradfordian, hirofkd, modellmaker. and da_ashman. you all have given me a lot to think about. An I have a club show coming up in Covington in Sep, I'm planning on going to. I'm going to go with trying build a little here and there to get my self back in to the swing of things. Seeing that I'm so into the GT titles, I'll trying that as away to get my self "back on track".

Thanks friends!!!~!

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