First time buying car - Im tall and confused!

06-29-2014, 09:38 PM
Hi I would like some advice if possible for my first car purchase. I would just like a place to start...there are so many cars and im totally lost.

here is what i know:

-I dont care about prettiness, speed or any features. Just want it to go and stop without costing too much $$.
-I would like to fit 4 adults in the car.
-I dont have a specific budget but dont want to waste my money (i have a good job so i can handle whatever but dont need to impress anyone.)
-I figure I would buy used since i dont care about having the newest stuff...but i dont know how old or how many miles is reasonable. ??
-I would like to get good gas mileage to save money
-I live in Canada so there is winter but its not too bad here on the east coast.
-Some cars are unreliable which sounds bad.
-Im 6'6" so I have been told that i should look for telescoping steering wheels.
-Im ok with fixing things later on down the line...but i dont know how to do anything now.
-I find road noise mildy annoying...but its not a big deal.

Does that add up to anything to anybody? A friend recommended the Hyundai Sonata but hes not a car guy.

07-01-2014, 12:44 PM
What do you think toyota avensis? Maybe you can search. This car is large and comfortable if you want to recommend you should choose diesel . How often drive you car in 1 year or how many drive distance 1 year? If you only use this car home to work or vice versa daily and going to holiday once a year. I think you can prefer patrol car. By the way which country are you living? In below You can find information about avensis 2.2 DCat 150

Engine: 4cyl 2231cc
Driven wheels: Front
Power (bhp): 150
Torque (lb/ft): 250
0-62 (mph): 9.80
Top Speed (mph) 127
MPG (combined) 43
MPG (urban) 34
MPG (extra urban) 51
Range (miles): 574
Euro NCAP: 5.00

08-08-2014, 07:29 PM
They do not sell the Avensis or Ecosport in Canada.

I would say that any full-size Sedan should work - Ford Taurus (available with AWD for the winter), Toyota Avalon, Honda Accord, Chrysler 300 (also available with AWD).

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