New high hp build.. Ideas?

06-22-2014, 06:21 PM
Alright ladies and gents.

I'm going to build a lambo killer. It doesn't have to be reliable, it doesn't have to be a daily driver, it doesn't have to be able to handle a speedbump.

Im gonna build something you take out of the garage on the driest day in summer or you will die.

I'm a single guy in the army with no commitments to money living with a roommate and life is cheap. The point here is im willing to spend on this badboy.

I want the best way to get lots of hp. Gotta be a gsx. gotta be able to turn like its on rails still but I can do suspension no problem. My only problem is all my past cars/trucks have been oldschool carb's with superchargers. This whole turbo EFI thing is new to me.

Im talkin build this from the crank bearings to the valve springs, everything I can to make this thing spit flames and take off, and I'm not ruling out nitros for the track days, just saying.

Best parts I can use and what I've got to do to keep this thing from exploding every time I turn it over.

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