1992 Subaru SVX with 46k Miles

06-11-2014, 02:15 PM
Ran into this while browsing for a SVX, its too much money for my budget but its super clean.

http://www.dpccars.com/gallery/var/resizes/1992-Subaru-SVX-with-46k-Miles/1992%20Subaru%20SVX%20with%2046k%20Miles%20%281%29 .jpg (http://www.dpccars.com/gallery/index.php/1992-Subaru-SVX-with-46k-Miles)

from the article:
Good examples of Subaru SVX are fairly hard to come by, which is why we're sharing with you this nicely preserved 1992 model with just over 46,000 miles (74,000 km). It has a 231hp 3.3-liter flat-six connected to a 4-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

The seller is asking $15,000

22 pictures and full article (http://www.dpccars.com/gallery/index.php/1992-Subaru-SVX-with-46k-Miles)


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