Trading In My Lease To Make a Purchase...Thoughts?

05-14-2014, 01:38 PM
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help/respond...

Current Situation: I'm moving to the West Coast and I don't want to bring
my leased 2012 Ford Explorer XLT. I would prefer to purchase my new
vehicle in CA or worst case, buy here in the NJ area and ship. My plan
moving forward depends on being able to get out of my current lease.
I'm exploring several options to transfer my lease or sell the vehicle.

Getting out of the lease in time seems to be my main concern and
what will be my best strategy if trading in my lease to purchase from
a dealer.

- 2012 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD
- Currently 16,700 miles
- 3 year lease
- 11 months remain on lease
- 10,500 miles per year
- Lease end buyout, $23,800

- I'm looking to purchase a sedan import in the $19-$22k range.

My question revolves around what is my best option for having a dealer assume/takeover my lease and put me in a used car for the best deal.

Let me know if anyone needs any further details.


2012 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD

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