Turner Motorsports BMW Z4

04-26-2014, 12:48 PM
As the title states, this is another new project I am about to start. The parts I've ordered have started to arrive but I've run into an issue that I am hoping someone here can help solve. I am using the 2013 BMW Z4 kit from Fujimi along with the MSHobbies decal sheet,
http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss116/Jhedi-R6/bmwz4turnermshobbies_zpsd86f71d4.jpg (http://s567.photobucket.com/user/Jhedi-R6/media/bmwz4turnermshobbies_zpsd86f71d4.jpg.html)
as you can see the "NorthWest" decal for the tail is done in blue on a yellow field. The background is incorrect, it should be black carbon fiber, no biggie. My issue is that I have found multiple pictures of the tail marking being different, as seen on the Racing 43 sheet,
http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss116/Jhedi-R6/tms-431_zps6a1bf916.jpg (http://s567.photobucket.com/user/Jhedi-R6/media/tms-431_zps6a1bf916.jpg.html)
which shows the correct background with the Yellow lettering. I am hoping someone may of actually been at the race and noticed which is correct for the beginning of the race. I am wanting to do the car as it was before the race began.

Turner Motorsports has over 70 pics of the Daytona weekend and you can see that the car has indeed both the blue and yellow lettering on the tail in different photos. Unfortunately I'm not sure which ones are from when during the race. I would venture a guess that at some point during the race the team had to switch tails and thus the different markings. I would really appreciate anyone that has first hand knowledge on which tail marking is correct for the start of the race.



07-09-2014, 03:40 AM
The car had yellow lettering during the race, as seen via their race report


Just a heads up, I too got the MS Hobbies decals. Sadly, it looks like the only research they did was something quick from a few images. Here's whats wrong with their decals

- They missed several decals that were on the car, like the TMS Power decal on the rear, the Intensity decal in red and the blue escort decal over the rear wheel arches, the M Power windshield decal, the white Hella decals behind the headlights, and the continental decal that goes on the front splitter by the grill.

- The instructions were not very clear. One view will show certain decals, and another view will omit those but have others present as well. Some parts of the drawing are incorrect, as are some numbers themselves (ex, direction say #36 and #37 for the blue rear arches, but the decal sheets are labeled #37 and #38).

- No notes about what color paints to use to paint match the decals. What yellow should the car be painted? Since there were no blue decals included for the mirrors and wing endplates, those will be need to be paint matched. I contacted them via facebook, and found out that Testors French blue looks good with it. I glad I was able to get that info, but it would be great had that been put on the instructions.

- The decals themselves. When these were drawn up, I dont think the artist attempted to imagine how they would curve as they bonded to the body. For example, the black parts 25 and 26 are printed as they are shown in the instructions. However, thats 2d, and in 3d, the curve of the body changes the shape, so you can't actually line up the decal as instructed. I ended up hand painting the area black instead. And have fun with the super thin decals themselves, they rip very easily. The entire door is one piece and easily ripped on me several times, and its now been thrown away. Ill probably have to purchase another decal set just to finish my car. Oh, and the color quality seems to be an issue with the blue. Upon opening the decal sheet, I found when inspected closely, the blue had small while dots in it, like the printer wasn't able to lay down a full coat. You can't tell from 10 inches away, but up close its noticeable.

I tried to review this purchase on the MS Hobbies website, describing all problems. That review was never posted. I have since attempted to place another review, which also hasn't been posted. Either they dont post the review, or didn't receive a notification that one (now 2) were awaiting permission to be posted.

I'll probably purchase the RacingDecals 43 version of the Daytona Turner Z4 soon for a comparison. Although quite a bit more expensive than the MS Hobbies decals, they do include all decals needed, including those MS Hobbies missed.

07-09-2014, 05:06 AM
Hi David

We got the first drawing of the Turner Motorsport team from the team itself and included the yellow rear wing. But we wanted to wait until the race it self to do the decal that's why we for the correct livery from the race, we did a lot of investigation and got the final pics after the race.

That's why we have the correct livery of the race.

07-09-2014, 08:38 AM
David, I strongly recommend RacingDecals 43 decals...The livery is 100% correct and the application of the decals will be very easy.

07-10-2014, 01:46 AM

Thanks for the responses.

JT, sorry you had such issues with them. I too noticed the missing decals, hence my post in the classifieds for the M Power window decal. I was just going to go with the MSHobbies sheet, but now, I am not.
As far as the tail "Northwest" decal, the MSHobbies one technically isn't wrong, as the car ran the tail with the blue lettering on the Thursday practice day, I have a pic with it and the pic is labeled by the photographer as Thursday Practice. Also I have another pic with a crew member in the pits applying a new yellow decal to the tail, I am assuming sometime after the practice on Thursday.

(edit) I just looked at the photo I have that shows the Blue tail lettering and in that photo the Continental decal on the front splitter isn't there nor are the Hella decals above the headlights. So my guess would be that the MSHobbies decals were done from photo's from the practice day. However, the Intensity decal over the rear wheel arch is on the car in the pic, so there are still some mistakes, but not as many as first thought. Here's the pic I was originally going off of,

http://i567.photobucket.com/albums/ss116/Jhedi-R6/s1_1_zpsb930021c.jpg (http://s567.photobucket.com/user/Jhedi-R6/media/s1_1_zpsb930021c.jpg.html)

But all of that is truly irrelevant now that I have taken the plunge and ordered the Racing 43 decals.

Again, thanks for the replies.


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