Need some advice [Used Ralliart 2009]

03-27-2014, 07:07 PM
Hi all! First post so go easy :)

So I found a slick 2009 Ralliart with 67k miles on it for 17500.

(only pics I have on my PC)

Well everything was good and before I signed completely and gave them the check, I took it to a mechanic. The car has a minor oil leak in the pan, minor grease leak on the front CV axel, almost no brake pads on the rear and a little bit in the front, needs allignment, the catalytic converter was cut off(its legal here in SC), O2 sensor loose, exhaust bolt is loose and too long, and there is some internal rim damage in the front where it hit a curve on the Carfax.

Now my question for you is - I returned the car, got my down payment and my truck back, but they offered to fix all of this and take it off on the bill and let me take it to any mechanic I want to make sure it is up to par with what I expect with what I'm buying. I'm really in a bind because it is an amazing ride and all but I'm also worried the previous owner used it for racing. I did a lot of research on the 2009 Ralliarts to learn the sounds of the car and it seems to be "just a Ralliart thing" so I wasn't too worried but the SST transmission is new to me and I don't know how to read it yet.

Opinions please :( with my down payment and my truck I got the car down to 12000$ with 8% interest and a good insurance quote. I really would love your guy's input because I really fell in love with this car

Thanks! :runaround:

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