Free car delivery service!

03-20-2014, 09:01 AM
Hello all! :D My name is Adam, me and my two friends are planing a roadtrip from New York - LA! During 2-14 April weŽll be in New york and then head off thru the country! We arrive around 26 april and stays on the west coast til 12 of may!

We first thought of renting a car, then i thought to myself that maybe there is someone that wants to buy a car on the other side of the country! If you live somewere near the west coast and thought of buying a car around NY or somewere near, weŽll be the happiest to deliver it for FREE to you! We dont care what car it is or if we have to go far to get it! We dont have to pay the car rental companies, and you get your car safely delivered for free! The best win win situation!

Who we are: :icon16:

Three 23 Y/o boys from the countryside of sweden. All three have drivers license and are very responsible. During the delivery we can have continuous contact via phone, sms, skype, instagram, however you would like it!

interesting? or knowing someone that might be? :)

email me at

or give me tips on which forum i shall look :rofl:

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