Jag vs Porsche vs Merc. Looking to change up

03-18-2014, 02:30 PM
Hey all!

So I'm sure the title may have caught some attention due to the fact all of these brands aren't very similar. Well here's my dilemma. I'm selling my much loved XJ8 (2006) because I feel it is just time for an upgrade. I absolutely love the car, magnificent to drive and great mpg's with a peppy v8. Now naturally I would just get another right? Well I'm young and curious and am interested in testing new flavors. My mix up is between

-09-11 jaguar xf (5.0 or 4.2 s/c)

-07-09 jaguar xk base

-06-08 porsche cayman

-02-04 porsche 911 carrera (no turbos or 4s)

-03-06 mercedes e55 amg

Now I much enjoy that I have owned my xj8 without a plague of issues and great mpg. Now I'm will to sacrifice some mpg, but I prefer reliabilty and comfort as the car will be daily driven and make occasional 600mi round trips.

The e55, cayman, and xf seem to have lower mileage in my budget. Granted the cayman and xf are entry level cars for the brands I didn't know if they would be junk or not.

911 and xk seem to have the higher mileage but I see them as typically holding value better.

I know I know it's such a weird comparison. But all input is helpful! I have owned a jag so I have good expectations for the xk and xf. My dad owns an e55 and that is one fun car. The only thing I've had no experience with is porsche!

Thanks all in advance

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