Modelling supplies - Dollar store finds

03-13-2014, 11:29 AM
Being supercheap and unable to resist a bargain, I am always on the lookout for economical modeling supplies. I have found some that are readily available at most dollar stores, at least here in the US. Here is a partial list of things I find helpful.

- Paint brushes
- Emery boards for rough sanding and removing sprue “nibs”
- Toothpicks for stirring and pouring paint and picking out small details
- Tweezers
- Plastic sheets for covering workspaces
- Scouring powder for scuffing plastic bodies using a toothbrush prior to
- Electrical tape for simulating padding on rollcages
- Glass from picture frames for use as a cutting surface to slice tape or

I would not recommend their masking tape, as it is very weak. I have seen nailpolish for sale but have not tried using it.

Hope this helps!

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