How to get a flat wash?

02-27-2014, 10:12 PM
Hi folks,

Just wondering what you all are using for applying washes and if you're able to get a flat finish with them?

If I'm washing over an acryl finish (like Tamiya), I've been using Windsor & Newton oil paints thinned with mineral spirits, and if over an enamel, Tamiya smoke thinned with Tamiya's own thinner.

This seems to work well, but either way always dries glossy. I then have to overcoat with a flat, and this causes the wash to blend with the base coat to the extent that it can barely be seen, rendering all that work of questionable value...

Any techniques or materials you're using that will just give a wash that dries flat?

As always, thanks for any pearls of wisdom you can impart,


02-28-2014, 03:08 AM

I fell in love with this, no glossy effect, very easy to remove if you mess it, realy nice stuff.

Mr Plumb
02-28-2014, 05:12 AM
I use Nuln oil made by Citadel. I get it from a shop called Games Workshop in the UK. I know you can get the wash in the US as my friend went and got some after I shown her the results!

Here is a shot of a before and after (ignore the rubbish painting job, proof you shouldn't rush things!): (

And heres a shot of the actual product: (

02-28-2014, 06:31 AM
imho the best ever remains the old school dry brush done as Verlinden teach the world.
For this,the old enamel paints are perfect, and I deeply love to use the real, old, nasty, toxic nafta smelling enamel humbroll authentic color from the 80s (they had the paper label,and they came from the ages when Humbroll was purely british and not chinese whatever as today).
They also match perfectly to oil paints, the white spirit thinner is the best for such mixing.
a model made with a welldone drybrush looks very nice also at today. I just finished this 1:35 resin/PE model with theme few days ago...
The trick is always to choose REAL quality kolinsky flat brushes (imho also here W&N is the best ever) for such works.Never buy the cheap crap dog fur ones... ;)

02-28-2014, 06:44 AM
I deeply love to use the real, old, nasty, toxic nafta smelling enamel humbroll authentic color from the 80s
I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeel your passion, Paolo! :evillol::thumbsup:
Sounds like we are from the same era.. (or shoudl I say epoch, even? :D )

Terrific project BTW

02-28-2014, 06:49 AM
1973 kid here :)
If u already have some oil paints try thinner theme with white spirit just. Usually it is enough to dry theme flat. and the smell is toxic too :D :D

03-01-2014, 06:06 PM
Thanks for your suggestions gentlemen; I think I can get ahold of some of that citadel stuff near me, so I'll give it a whirl,


03-02-2014, 07:17 AM
Mackee Ultra Fine for Water-Based Marker Paper (

Very forgiving as it's water based. . . If ya don't like the results just wipe away and try again. . . Dries flat. . .

I run the fine tip in the creases and clean up with a dry or slightly moistened Q-tip until I get the results I want . . .

I use other colors and brands also . . . Although some other brands just want to bead up. . .

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