Mirage 1997 DE

02-23-2014, 07:04 PM
Recenty I drove car home parked in garage after work car sat in garage for 3 days and went to start and nothing.So my mechanic did everything possible to fix it.Here is what he done replace fuel pump still no start,checked for spark,has spark,checked nodes and has spark,checked compression and it was 120 + on all cylinders.Was concerned about timing belt pulled the front of the engine off,checked timing marks,the were right on. Pulled valve cover,checked cam position it ok.No start.Fuel filtered was partially plugged so replace.Fuel pressure reading was deadheaded at over 100 lbs but I don't have any way of checking the rail pressure.I used starting fluid and also gas in the spark holes and put the plugs on the top on the valve cover,hooked to the wires and used nodes.Both the plug and the nodes fired at the same time.So using starting fluid still no run.Timing belt and reluctor orientation to the crank gear verified.So cranking spark plugs and nodes at he same time per cylinder for at 2-3 minutes and distributor good.So again we did solid compression reading across all four again first.Still no run.Need help if someone has ran into this problem before help me please to find out what other thing I'm missing.My email address is lee8421@comcast.net

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