Suburban versus cow - need pictures

Da Burb
02-19-2014, 07:41 AM
1996 Chevy Suburban 5.7 Ė 2WD 1500

OK, so this cow was crossing the, really. It was 1AM and it was not moving very quickly. The laws of physics were not in the cows favor, or my truck's for that matter. I replaced all the parts that needed replacing and some that didnít need replacing but replaced them because they were off or accessible. While the truck was on the side of the road overnight, the local farm boys thought it would be a good idea to remove my Optima Yellow Top without using tools, just some handy wire cutters. Needless to say I am sure the truck was totaled but I only had liability insurance on it anyways. It has been a few months as I buy things when I have extra money. A lot of people have asked me if I am going to get rid of it and just get another truck but I will NEVER get rid of this truck. I wanna be buried in it.

My question is can anyone provide pictures or explanation to the brake lines that go into the EBCM? I got the two from the master cylinder connected ok but I don't want to mix up the others. Yes I took a bunch of pictures on disassembly but my laptop crashed and the older ones are gone. I would also appreciate pictures of the battery cables routing. I bought all new cables and I wanted to ensure that they are routed the same as originally. My email is if someone could send some good detailed pictures or post them in this thread or let me know where on line I can go to get some I would be grateful. Thanks for the help.

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