Comparing Luxury Sports Sedans

02-16-2014, 02:12 PM

I'm going to buy a luxury sports sedan. My aim is something 1-2 years old with 10-15,000 miles. Budget is around $30-35k.

Already test drove the Audi A4. It was a nice ride, but the tech was severely lacking for a luxury car (radio connections, etc nearly non-existent).

Next I'm going to test the BMW 335i, then the Infiniti G37, Mercedes C class, the Leuxs IS and the Acura TL. Cadillac ATS is interesting but I'm not sure how many I'll find used.

At this point I'm just starting my research, does anyone have any thoughts to add that might help me?

02-16-2014, 02:24 PM
Try to find dirt on them. I know the beamers, though nice safe cars, have oil leak problems. I do like the beamers though :).

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