NJ auto auction for $3,000 truck?

01-31-2014, 12:52 AM

I did a few hours research and still know basically nothing about auctions.

The last three cars I got were from a guy I know who gets them at auctions and sells them on the side. I got bargains all three times = approx $2,000 for 8-year old coupes with around 100,000 miles that had no problems and probably would have made it to 200,000 miles...

I'm looking for a particular small truck at $3,000 max = 4 cyl, auto, extended cab, under 100K miles and not over 10 years old.

I found decent deals on craigslist but would like to get an even better deal at an auction.

I know auctions probably charges fees and/or require a membership/license, but aparently it's still justifiable for a low-priced car hence the three $2,000 bargais I've gotten plus the profit the guy made out of that $2,000.

Does anyone know where in NJ/NYC area/Eastern PA area I should look into for a good deal? Do I need a dealers licence and/or would need it towed off the lot and thus wouldn't be worth it to just buy just one car? Should I seek out an established auction reseller and just give them a couple hundred dollars to get me a truck? Should I just get something off craigslist?

Thanks for any help.

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