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01-30-2014, 06:41 AM
I just edited the wikipedia page about this company I also worked with (the history only)

I know my english is not so good, and so if somebody here mothertongue can edit it in a better appropriate language it will be only a favour to me.

I hope u like it guys.Many of us love those kinda kits, worldwide. ;)

01-30-2014, 11:55 AM
That's great,
ESCI is my favorite, I'm the proud owner of the whole 1/24 collection unbuilt!

Regards ,

02-01-2014, 03:11 AM
Thank you Paolo, you remind me of my (long time gone :iceslolan) youth. Esci was well distributed in my country at the beginning of the eighties and is really associated with the beginning of my passion for 1/24 cars.

I still own (I think) the 1979 and 1982 catalogues, do you yourself have them and any others ? Or do you know about a website where they could have been scanned and posted ?

On this link we can see all the covers so I may assume the webmaster owns them all ?

Of course, the Esci kits were far from perfect but still today when I see the boxarts of, by instance, the Rothmans Escort or the Gitanes 911, I totally melt down :rofl: Even though I own several of them in my stock :rofl: Those were subjects (rallying Escorts, Fiat 131, Renault 5, Mercedes SLC...) innovative at the time and you can see by the prices they sometimes reach on the second hand market that their choices were far from stupid ;)

@Joka : I would love to see the pictures of your collection, and so do many of us I guess ;)

02-01-2014, 04:15 AM
I have all of theme ..:D .I love theme too much. They also had many funny illustrations,another cool idea of the time (remember the fat pingu dressed as a jet pilot..:D)
That catalogues as well as Verlinden ones made me dream, for years honestly.

I was also sure Verlinden had an incredible staff of modellers at leats to make the coveers of his resin transkit,but when I had the opportunity to talk with Mario Eens, one of the best military modeller of the world, if he worked for VP, he kindly answer me....he dunno ANY of theme :D.
Still remember that awesome pic of Francoise working at his workbench at the end of the catalogue.;)

Have too many tales of that years. I was very young but able to produce a lot of models for theme, mostly for the nurember toy fair. Only the idea to show something of mine in that incredible expo was something too special.
And they also pay very very well...
With the owner of Esci I have years of friendship.He was also a paratrooper and a plane pilot, real adventurer :) .His personal car in the early 80s was a street Lancia Stratos.

I only hope my english traslation in wikipedia will be not too terrible, thats why I hope someone managing the language better than me can edit and correct (mostly the gramaticals).
Glad u like it guys ;)

02-01-2014, 04:38 AM

Here are some pictures from part of my ESCI collection, my last count was in 2012, where I came at 251 kits, many doubles. The rest of the collection is behind the first row.

ESCI made 69 kits with 30.. number, from there they were 35.. numbers, most under ESCI/ERTL.

I started collecting these kits as a young boy, now I'm 40.

I also have all catalogues till 1991.

None is for sale, it just became an obsession.

I stopped buying ESCI kits in 2013, when I found the red Transit on a black box.

02-01-2014, 04:56 AM
:runaround: It is a real war treasure you have Joka!
You even have 2 examples of my "Esci holy grail" : the 911 Jocavi of the 1980 European rally champion Antonio Zanini. By the way, this 934 RSR should be highly modified to resemble a rally 911 :tongue: And some transkits adapted to the new Tamiya 934 may arrive and be a better option.

Thanks a lot Joka!

Paolo, do you think you will scan and post these catalogues one day ? What was precisely your job at Esci, and when ?



02-01-2014, 06:16 AM
the only problem is that all my paper material is around 2 country (italy and sweden) and more or less in 8 different houses. Suspect will never have the time to make something decent around it, but u never know ;)

When I will met again mr. Coppola will report him the big love and interest around his productions, still after so many years..:)

In esci and in the following CDC I was one of the external modellers taken by the company for expo and for the master examples to be sent to China for the production moulds. Sounds serious stuff, was a real joy for all of us (still all friends). I remember we never know who down there was really encharged to make the final model.The price was always the same: for hasegawa quality or for matchbox quality :D .Probably they also had a third part developing moulds.In that period even more than today China had the best developer of the world for plastic injection moulds.

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