1989 Isuzu Pickup Stalls -HELP

01-28-2014, 09:10 PM
Anyone got some tips or pointers.....

I have an 89 Isuzu Sport pickup with a 2.3 L carburetor. It only has 94,000 miles on it. It runs fine when you first start it until the cold choke kicks out, then it runs rough and stalls unless you keep the pedal partially down. If you push in on the clutch coming up to a stop, it will die unless you give it gas. I have a new carb on it, and filter. In February 2013 it started running normal out of the blue, with a high idle because I had set up the idle to keep it running. I turned the idle down to a normal setting, and it ran fine without a miss, die out or anything, until this past November when it got cold, and then bammmm!!! All of a sudden it started sputtering ad dying out again when ever the cold choke kicked out or you came up to a stop, pushing in on the clutch.

What am I missing here? I have started wondering if it is something to do with the preheat or a heating sensor in the carb?

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