2001 Century steering problem

01-23-2014, 11:37 PM
About three nites ago my wife came home from work and said the brake pedal was going to the floor.Ok easy enough,busted brake line.I backed the car onto ramps and changed the line going to the right rear wheel,bled the line,took car off ramps and tested brakes ,all was back to normal(ABS wasn't working but hadn't been,front wheel bearing sensor wiring I think.)The next day she comes home from work and says the car was hard to keep on the road.I kinda shrugged it off as bad road conditions.Today same thing, so I take it for a test drive, roads are partially bare and partially snow packed. Sure enough it acted like it was steering itself.Its not constant but about every3 or 4 seconds depending on bare or snow packed road conditions it was as if it were steering from the rear,almost like my rear end were on ice.I would correct the steering and all would be fine for several seconds and then it would happen again and again.It was dark out when she got home so I haven't been able to check much yet.In the morning I'll have a better look.I have changed both rear trailing arm brackets recently as well as right rear strut (about 2 months ago)I also had it lined up recently and they stated everything was fine.I should also mention it was like the rear end was going to the left ,towards center line,not quickly, but floating.If anyone has any ideas what to check in the morning I'd appreciate hearing them.Thanks and I hope I made sense. P.S. I read thru a lot of threads but coudn't find anything quite like this ,but maybe I missed one.:nono:

01-24-2014, 10:00 AM
Check and make sure all the bolts are tight. On the laterel links and the trailing arms. Also check the lateral links for damage/bent. If one is bent it will toe that side in or or out, depending on which link it is, and cause the car to feel squirlly when driving. Espically on slick roads.

01-24-2014, 11:54 AM
Thanks for the reply GMTECH1 .Checked the rear end this morning and sure enough the right front rear lateral rod(think I said that right:smokin:) had a huge bow in it. Funny I didnt notice it when I fixed the brake line(but it was dark and I was using a spot lite,we all know what thats like:screwy:.That explains why the rear end kept going to the left,I'd correct then it would go again.Right rear wheel toedin just like you said shoven my ass out over the center line.Just had her lined lineup too.Anyway thanks again .I had no idea the car had run up on something other wise I wouldn't have posted .It's all very obvious now.(of course maybe she loaned the car and doesn't know herself.).:runaround: I appreciate your help.

01-24-2014, 01:01 PM
Happy to hear you found it!

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