Wondering If Good or Bad Lease

12-28-2013, 07:58 AM
I'm looking at leasing a 2014 Grande Cherokee Limited and was looking for feedback on the deal. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

MSRP - $38,790 (includes destination charge of $995)
Capitalized Cost Reduction (what they took off the MSRP) - $1,461
Adjusted capitalized cost - $37,329 (they said this is $95 over invoice)
Lease inception amount ($1,200 that includes first payment, interest, taxes, etc.)
39 months
Residual Value - $20,559
Money Factor - .00070 (or 1.68%)
12,000 miles per year (cost after 12,000 miles - .25 cent)
Sales tax is 7%
Gap Insurance Included
Disposal (Disposition) fee of $395
Close End Lease
Monthly payment with tax - $504
I am not trading any car in
They are providing free oil change and tire rotation for the two years, theft protection (entire lease) and dent repair (entire lease)

Since I have leased before, i know the lease paper work will not represent above and its not easy to back it out. The dealership as keeps focusing on the monthly payment.

Thank you.


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