Found some ref photos.. 917K, 962C, 935, IROC RSR

12-27-2013, 11:09 AM
So im going to check out this Porsche exhibit in a bit and I was looking online to see what cars are there.. They have some great photos of the cars to include engine bays and interiors. I know there can never be enough photos to reference so thought i'd share.

962c,_1990,_view_4,_on_black_798_424. jpg,_1990,_view_7_698_490.jpg,_1990,_view_8_652_490.jpg


IROC RSR,_1974,_view_1_798_424.jpg,_1974,_view_7_652_490.jpg

Maybe these have been posted... Maybe they're not so accurate, i'm not sure. But hopefully they help someone :) May want to save them as the exhibit moves on im sure will be taken down. Here's the link with more photos

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