Cylinder 4 Location 2009 Rio code P0304

12-18-2013, 07:15 PM
I have 2009 Kia Rio, 72,000 miles timing belt replaced 5,000 miles ago. Trouble code P0304. Engine stumbling on highway under load at lower speeds ok. Wish to replace coil pack on cylinder 4. Can anyone tell me where it is located. Yes I know it can be other thigs before I spend $90 at dealer for diagnostic and then $90+ in labor and $100 for there coil pack I wish to try myself first. Some times you win sometimes you loose, hopefully a win

What I know now is It is a straight 4, guessing 1 is at timing belt end and 4 the other. P0300 is a general misfire on multiple cylinders, while P0301,2,3,4 are the various cylinders. I have seen this code in many sites but no resolution. On Friday I get the car back and will replace the plugs with NGK's, and replace the coil pack n cylinder 4.

I will write in here again after I do this so others can learn hopefully but probably not until Saturday.

Many thanks

12-21-2013, 10:55 AM
So I bought a code scanner. Autozone told me I could go home come back and they would gladly read the code again. The codes present P0300, and P0304. Flashing engine problem is currently happening, steady engine light code registered. I swapped coil pack 4 to coil pack 3. I cleared the codes. Took out for drive registered new codes. Codes now P0300, and P0303. The code followed the bad coil pack to cylinder 3. Replaced the coil pack on cylinder 3 and engine is fine. When it was running bad the engine would stumble and shake at idle and under power. There are about 6 things associated with code P0304 but because no codes threw on any other cylinder I started with the coil pack. P0300 is multiple misfires.

My belief is the cylinder numbers are 1 at timing belt and 2,3,4 towards the other end of motor.

Good luck to all:wink:

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