What does this sign means ?

12-05-2013, 03:25 PM
Hello experts,

I am looking for buy used fabia , and i went to looking few fabias, but non of those fabias didnt feel worth to buy.

i was looking at youtube, one guy was explaining to how to inspect the used car before buy, and more specifically how to check the condition of the engine

What he showed on youtube, start the car engine and open the old cap (i called oil cap because i dont know the correct english name for that part, this is the place where we can put oil to engine)

So after he start the engine , he removed the cap slowly and show some white (or some steam) smoke coming out from that hole,

and the guy was told , for some cars is normal , but for some cars it means engine was heavy use and its because of engine oil starts to burn with fuel.

so i would like to ask from experts here, is that same with Skoda as well ?

(maybe you find this as a stupid question, im sorry if its so. i feel like lost , i do have sense that might be a bad sign in every car, but need to make sure that from you guys.)

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