Modelling 2014 Calendar from Greece

11-16-2013, 03:53 AM
Hello to all friends of AF, from Greece.
To celebrate the second birthday of our Greek Auto Modelling Forum, the Scalewheels-gr, I made a calendar for next year. I try to include at least one model, from each member which finish a model in 2013, until November.
I want to share it with us cause many of our members are also AF members and I hope that you like the idea and found it useful.

Here the result...
1)Wallpaper edition (1920 Χ 1080) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

2)Wallpaper for smartfones or tablet (800 Χ 600) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Hope you like it.
King Regards

11-16-2013, 12:23 PM
I remember when my dad took me models from kalfakis shop in athens...he Always seen great models there ! Incredibly skilled guys....and even more the figure painters (as Kariotelis...)
U are very skilled guys !

11-16-2013, 01:09 PM
Lovely idea George!

11-21-2013, 01:49 AM
Thank you Paolo and Pavlos.
Yes, Paolo the figure painters here in Greece are really top class. In cars-moto the interest wasn't as high as military themes, but we make big steps and we try to become better and better.

P.S. Do you plan to come back in Greece someday, for holiday?

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