Best driving/handling 3rd row crossover/suv?

11-05-2013, 04:24 PM
I have noticed from driving my husband's '04 Acura TL that a different vehicle can really make a difference in the pain I have in my right leg when I drive. I currently drive a '08 Hyundai Veracruz.
I'm looking for something (Crossover style with 3rd row or small/medium suv) with great acceleration and an easy touch on the gas pedal in general. Also, the gas pedal being at a closer angle to the floor helps, usually in more of a car body vs the suv/truck frame.
I test drove a Toyota Sequoia, and it drove really well... but I had to press really hard to brake. I drove a Cadilliac SRX and a Kia Borrega that were really easy to drive and braked well, but I am not familiar with those makes so more research needed.
I was thinking an Acura or Lexus might fit the bill, but they are probably smaller that my Veracruz. We have 4 kids, so we really need at least a bit of leg room in the 3rd row.

Basically, what are the best used (that would be about $15,000 currently) vehicles that seat 7 or 8 (other than a minivan) that are very easy to drive, including quick acceleration, an easy touch on the gas, and easy to brake?

11-13-2013, 12:35 PM
Thank you! Anyone else have any suggestions or advice?

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