First car. Help!

10-23-2013, 01:57 AM

I'm 17 and my mom said during tax season she will match what ever is in my bank which roughly will be 2500 so 5000 in total on a car. Since I'm a guy I love cars. I wanna go fast but my mom said no to camaro right away due to insurance. So is there a fast sports car/some what sports car, out there that won't kill insurance for my mom and is ok on gas. At least 15. I've been looking at VW Passat turbo, Honda Civic 96-98, 91 3000gt. Please I want a car that I can impress my friends and beat them if we wanna do a lil race. There rolling in a v8 f150, v6 ranger, Acura Integra, Silverado, heavy modfied 300z.


10-30-2013, 12:34 PM
For starters, and I was 17 one time too, don't get caught up into buying a fast car. You'll have plenty of time to get one when the time is right.

As a 17 year old new driver, youre gonna need to get some solid driving experience first and that experience comes with age. Chances are if you have a fast car, you WILL be getting pulled over for speeding and you are more inclined to get involved in an accident.

Look into a sporty reliable car. When looking into the $5000 range, you should be able to find yourself a nice Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. Keep in mind you're gonna need money for gas and when you're a kid, its not cheap. Look into the 4 cylinders.

For the record, as the owner of a car dealership, my first real speed car came in the form of a STS-V. Had fun with the car and considering I've had many years of drive experience, I didn't get into trouble with the car.

Good luck!

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