Outlnader 2011 Warranty, Need advice

10-20-2013, 03:03 AM
I have a 2010 Outlander which is still under warranty. Back in April the check engine light came on and the engine stopped while driving.
Since then I have taken the car more than 5 times to a dealer for repair. I once even got charged for it. They had the car for a month in June and when I collected it, it only took 5min for the check engine light to come on again.
It gets worse as they have my car since 10th of July till now! Have not received a single update from them for the last 2 month. I demanded refund as the car is still under warranty and the repair has taken more than 4 month so far.
I took the matter to consumer affairs and they guided me to go to VCAT. I am frustrated with the lengthy delay and their poor customer service.
Can anyone please guide me what I need to do. And how I should make the claim to VCAT. Or guide me to somewhere that I can get free or low cost legal advice and maybe representation.
Thanks in advance.
Victoria, Australia

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