1990 convertible roof problem

10-10-2013, 03:41 PM
1990 LeBaron roof not working.

I took the car out for an hour, put up the roof when finished.
Next time I came to lower the roof (2 hours later) NO Functions, either up or down. (Grandchildren now dissapointed that Pop's roof is not working)
Relay unit in boot next to motor clicking, but when I touched the wiring what appears to be the power feed (single red wire) or hot wire terminal broke away, fitted another relay this is clicking for both up and down functions but no function.
I find it strange as the motor and roof were working fine without any strange noises or creaks and groans.

1 - Can any body please supply me with a schematic wiring diagram for this roof and associated parts.

2 - Location of the following: - Relay(s) position(s), fuse position(s)

I will be soldering a new terminal on the old relay to retry it.

I am really struggling to obtain a schematic drawing for the roof operation, I have purchased a few books from the USA, but convertible roof wiring is being very elusive.

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