1st Car Ideas and Info

Chief MSGT
09-08-2013, 08:59 PM
Hey all,

I'm new here on the forums and signed up so I could get some firsthand info and comparisons regarding my fist car options. Now my maximum budget is around 15K for a car. ( I am putting more money towards a newish one so it will last me longer).

I am looking for a four/ Two door car that has a sporty look, good gas mileage, and an affordable price tag. Right now I am in looking at the dodge dart RALLYE, Ford Fusion, Scion ct, and Volkswagen Jetta. I am also open to new ideas and suggestions.

Please tell me which you like and what the pros and cons of each car are. I have my own list but I want to see if I was missing anything.

Thanks, Chief

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